Subject-wise class-wise evaluation is intended for not merely certifying that the learners have achieved the stated instructional objectives and are capable of using their learning outcomes but also providing a feedback on all aspects of curriculum to the stakeholders especially teachers and parents/higher education personnel/employees. The number and nature of internal assessment examinations are adjusted by integrating assessments of various curriculum elements to encourage integrated learning through formative as well as summative assessment.

             For classes I to IV the ABL takes care of built-in evaluation as the students pass from one level to the other level on satisfactorily attaining the required knowledge and skills at each level. Although students may go through V to VIII under the free compulsory elementary education provisions the school designs its own evaluation pattern more to build self-confidence in the children than to declare them pass or fail. Terminal and annual examinations are conducted using the textbooks based on the syllabus for various subjects. To the extent possible in our locality an extension beyond the syllabus is attempted by adopting general knowledge approach to teaching and learning and to make the students understand their own environment with a view to further developing the same thereby developing the children synchronously.

             For Standards IX and X the syllabus provides suitable inputs of evaluation such as Blueprints, Model question papers and adequate instructions to question paper setters, evaluators, teachers and students. Practical examinations in Science are integrated into the evaluation pattern. The annual examinations are of 2hrs.30minutes for each paper and the languages have two papers while other subjects have one each. The role of non-examination subjects is considered in the system of evaluation by providing their scores or grades as the case may be in the Score card.

            Continous and comprehensive Evaluation procedure is being followed awarding grades instead of marks.

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