Standards I-V

               Tamil, English, Mathematics, Environmental Science (I-II), Science (III-V) and Social Science are the subjects to be studied.

             Basic linguistic skills in Tamil need to be developed at this stage. Numeric system by way of grouping and counting objects around requires mastery of the four arithmetical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Understanding the features of animals and plants in the children’s environment instills in them the spirit of appreciation in their growth. An extension of these skills helps children appreciate the contribution of the flora and fauna of the natural and ecololgical importance. Cultural development is central to the study of community in the neighbourhood to function as an effective member. Sports and games, health and hygiene and food and work besides arts, crafts, music and drawing are necessary in primary classes for over-all development of body and mind.

Standards VI-X

The following languages, core subjects and other activity-related subject areas are the content of the curriculum for Standards VI-X:

                   Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physical and Health Education (including games and sports, yoga practice and Asanas), Computer Education, Art Education, Crafts and Work Education, Value Education, Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities.

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